Every bottle of Kure Oxygen Water is meticulously crafted and supercharged with
oxygen by our unique ultra-fine bubble technology, benefiting the mind, body and soul.

Every bottle of Kure Oxygen Water is meticulously crafted and supercharged with oxygen by our unique ultra-fine bubble technology, benefiting the mind, body and soul.

Super Slow LA has teamed up with our experts at KureUS to help share with you, the power of this Kure Oxygen Water. This super-oxygenated water could be the key to addition to your strength, health, and beauty regiment.

We have seen firsthand the benefits on muscle endurance, recovery, and overall wellness that are possible by providing additional oxygen to the body.

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When you drink Kure Oxygen water, the oxygen bubbles are immediately absorbed into your bloodstream and delivered to cells throughout your body.

More bioavailable oxygen allows your exercise endurance and muscle strength to improve with every workout.

The increased oxygen also helps you recover faster to get you moving sooner.

Research has also discovered that oxygen increased collagen production in the skin. The more oxygen your skin is getting the healthier it can be.


How Kure Water Works

Kure natural spring water detoxifies, refreshes, energises, reduces tiredness, increases perfor-mance, alkalizes the body, enhances the oxygen transporting capacity of blood. The nanobubble technology has shown in live blood tests, an immediate improvment in blood composition after drinking Kure Oxygen Water.

  • Increased metabolism and energy levels
  • Improve stamina and faster recovery
  • Strengthening and increased joint movement
  • Improve flexibility, mobility and strength
  • Anti-inflammatory treatments
  • Faster recovery from injury
  • Cell regeneration


Natural spring water, Supercharged with oxygen, Noncarbonated, Balanced pH 7.0, Ultrasmooth taste. No chemicals. No additives. Natural electrolytes


Super Slow LA wants you to taste the difference: Kure Oxygen is smooth, extra light, ultra-crisp and refreshing.

Every sip helps you to boost energy levels and can bring rejuvenation to the body. Higher oxygen is proven to assist in muscle endurance and recovery, heightened mental clarity and an enhanced immune function.

We have seen firsthand how this changes lives, and we want the same for you.

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After 1 week of consuming Kure, we all agreed that we can feel more refreshed and less pains after very long kickboxing sessions. I will request more when my stocks finished. Thanks for this new discovery Kure Water

- Maximus V.

I’ve been drinking Kure after cycling and my recovery has been much faster than usual. I’ve used various gels and products over the years but Kure seems a lot more responsive.

- Carl G.

I’ve been drinking KURE for 6 weeks now and can feel and really taste the difference. My skin is clearer and I feel I can function on less sleep. Highly recommend it to sportsmen/women and anyone who takes their health seriously.

- Cole S.

Apart from it’s impeccable taste, Kure water’s high concentration of Oxygen has done miracles for me. I feel refreshed, significantly less exhausted and my skin is spotless. Many thanks Kure Water! I definitely recommend it.

- Ioulia M.

I feel much more energised I’m improving my truck runs and times week in, week out.

- Martin M.