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Kure Oxygen Today!

If you align with our values, are a fan of our products, and have an audience you’d like to share them with…

The Kure America Brand Ambassador program is structured to benefit all who become Kure advocates and champions as well as their audiences. 

With our brand ambassador partnerships, we strive to share the power of uniting two essential ingredients of life: water and oxygen.

We work with all types of partners in North America:

  • Health influencers and experts
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Health and wellness brands
  • Event organizers
  • Online affiliates
  • Retailers and wholesalers

Our mission is to help people perform in every arena of their life, from the movie set to the studio and everywhere in between.

What type of partners we are looking for:

We want real interaction between our product and a Kure Brand Ambassador; we only want champions and advocates as our brand ambassador partners that will use Kure Oxygen Water in their own lives.

Only apply if you fit the criteria below:

  • Those who believe in and will consume Kure themselves.
  • Must have an audience that shares Kure’s community vision.
  • Understand that their revenue will be earned via what is sold through their channel.