Monodevelop keyboard shortcuts

February 26, 2011

Learning something new is often put off because of a high entry threshold, something along the lines of

“I might be faster doing it that way but I can’t afford to take the time to learn”.

Keyboard shortcuts often fall into this category, the whole “vim vs any other text editor” debate a great example. Even the smallest effort to reduce this entry threshold is worth it as it drastically increases the chances you stop “putting it off”.  Thats why I spent some time looking for a collection of default shortcuts for Monodevelop, a tool I spend a huge amount of time using but rarely took the time to look a shortcut up as I feel I’m “fast enough” already… I found a great collection put together by Martijn Dijksterhuis. Martijn has designed this to be printed off. I’m not always in the same place so I’ve taken the time to reproduce it in html here. No excuse now :)

Text Editor Window
Delete to end of line CTRL +K Next Window CTRL + PgDn
Goto matching brace CTRL + B Prev Window CTRL + PgUp
Move Line Down ALT + DOWN Jump between splits CTRL + L
Move Line Up ALT + UP XmlEditor
Scroll Line Down CTRL + DOWN Run XSLT CTRL + ALT + T
Scroll Line Up CTRL + UP Debug
Show Completion Window CTRL + SPACE Enable/Disable Breakpoint CTRL + F9
Show Parameter List CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE Expression Evaluator SHIFT + F9
View Pause CTRL + BREAK
Breakpoints CTRL + D|B Step Into F11
Browse Next F4 Step Out SHIFT + F11
Browse Previous SHIFT + F4 Step Over F10
Call Stack CTRL + D|C Toggle Breakpoin F9
Classes ALT + SHIFT + C Edit
Document Outline CTRL + R|U Copy CTRL + C
Error List ALT + SHIFT + E Cut CTRL + X
Files ALT + SHIFT + F Indent Selection CTRL + ALT + END
Help CTRL + F1 Join Lines CTRL + SHIFT + J
Locals CTRL + D|L Lower case selection CTRL + SHIFT + L
Navigate back ALT + LEFT Paste CTRL + V
Navigate forward ALT + RIGHT Redo CTRL + SHIFT + Z
Normal Size CTRL + 0 Rename F2
Properties ALT + SHIFT + P Select All CTRL + A
Solution ALT + SHIFT + S Toggle All Folds CTRL + SHIFT + A
Task List ALT + SHIFT + T Toggle Fold CTRL + SHIFT + M
Toolbox ALT + SHIFT + B Toggle Line Comment CTRL + ALT + C
Watch CTRL + D|W Undo CTRL + Z
Zoom In CTRL + “+” Unindent Selection CTRL + ALT + HOME
Zoom Out CTRL + “-” Uppercase Selection CTRL + SHIFT + U
File Search
Close All CTRL + SHIFT + W Clear bookmarks CTRL + M|C
Close File CTRL + W Find in Files CTRL + SHIFT + F
Create File CTRL + F Find Next CTRL + G
Open File CTRL + O Find Next Selection CTRL + F3
Print Preview CTRL + SHIFT + P Find Previous CTRL + SHIFT + G
Print CTRL + P Find Prev Selection CTRL + SHIFT + F3
Quit CTRL + Q Find CTRL + F
Save CTRL + S Goto File ALT + SHIFT + O
Save As CTRL + SHIFT + S Goto Line CTRL + I
New Solution CTRL + SHIFT + N Goto Type CTRL + SHIFT + T
Project Next bookmark CTRL + M|N
Build F7 Prev Bookmark CTRL + M|P
Build Solution F8 Replace in Files CTRL + SHIFT + H
Debug F5 Replace CTRL + H
Rebuild CTRL + F7 Toggle Bookmark CTRL + M|T
Rebuild Solution CTRL + F8 Documentation
Stop SHIFT + F5 Code documentation /// (triple dash)
Auto Task List triggers FIXME,TODO,HACK,

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4 Comments to "Monodevelop keyboard shortcuts"

  1. poor-dev-guy wrote:

    how can we do the ctrl + M|T ?
    What does it means ?

  2. Dan Quirk wrote:

    It means hit Ctrl+M then quickly afterwards press T.

  3. Basarat wrote:

    Any idea where I can find a similar list for monodevelop on mac os x.

  4. Dan Quirk wrote:

    Well starting with something like Edit -> Preferences -> KeyBindings is your best bet for the most update accurate list, plus you can set your own. I just replicated this to be able to glance at them

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